Model of a man hosing out sparks El Borrachito fiesta, Mazo, La Palma

El Borrachito fiesta

Last night was the “Borrachito” fiesta in Hoyo de Mazo. I’ve lived here for 25 years, and managed to miss this one every single year, even though I only live 15 minutes drive away. Last night I finally made it. It starts off like a normal fiesta. There’s a stage in the village square with a band playing salsa music while people dance, and the square is lined with mobile…

Obradoiro de Martina - embroidered dresses

Photos of the craft fair: 2016

Well there was certainly loads of variety. Too much to get into details, but I recommend going next year if you can. Obradoiro de Martina does dresses with touches of traditional Palmeran embroidery. They’re not cheap, but they are gorgeous. I bvelieve most sales are to order, and you can track the progress of your special dress. Her website is I wish I’d got the contact details for these…

Poster for this year's craft fair in Puntallana

2016 Craft Fair, Puntallana

La Palma’s annual craft fair is a big event. This year over 150 craftsmen and women are taking part, showcasing a huge range of crafts both traditional and modern: pottery, embroidery, carpentry, basketwork, wrought iron, cases for transporting ferrets, crochet, musical instruments, costume jewelry, macrame, shoe-making, cigars, etc. And in case you get hungry, there are an awful lot of food stands selling traditional desserts, wine, cheese, bananas, gofio etc….

Backlit helicopter with a bag of water. in Mazo. Photo: Saul Santos

The fire’s controlled

Oh thank goodness! (or rather, thank firefighters!) #IFJedey El perímetro del incendio de La Palma se encuentra ya estabilizado en todos sus frentes … It burnt a total of 4,800 Hectares (11,861 acres/48 sq km) which is 6.8% of the island. OK, so that’s 93.2% unaffected, or at least not burnt. It’s still a great place for a holiday, although the network of hiing trails is closed due to…