A Great Day

Today was my son’s first day back at school. He wasn’t at all keen to go, because last year he had a personality clash with his teacher, and in Spainish primary schools, you keep the same teacher for two years at a time. But this year he’s been moved, oficially to even up class numbers. But I suspect that I’m not the only one who felt a change would benefit him (and probably help last year’s teacher’s blood pressure as well).

I got an email from the Cosmos website offering to buy a story. I wrote “Infant Colic” in 2001, and it was almost immediately accepted for an anthology which was delayed and delayed and delayed… Eventually I pulled it, rewrote it using everything I’d learned since, and put it back on the market. It’s so nice to finally sell it for real.

My husband has been searching for a cable that he’d spent four days making, only to have it disappear in the workshop clearout. He phoned at lunch time to say he’d found it.

So tonight we were all happy. We decided to celebrate by trying out hte new pizzaria in the village. Off we all went, hungry and excited, only to find that they shut on Mondays.

Ah well. We’ll eat pizza another day.

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