Almond Blossom Fiesta

Poster for this year's Almond Blossom Fiesta in Puntagorda
Poster for this year’s Almond Blossom Fiesta in Puntagorda

Sunday February 2 :

From 12:00 A partir de las 12:00h  in the Mercadillo del Agricultor de Puntagorda, Almond shelling competition

Friday February 7th:

A 6pm in the Pabellón Municipal Fagundo, Exhibition of Rythmic Gimnastics

At 8 pm In the Salón de actos de la Casa de la Cultura: wine competition and the presentation of prizes to the winners.

At 10 pm in the Comunidad 4 Caminos: party con la Agrupación “Falta Uno”

A midnight: Mobil Disco with Dj Corny

Saturday February 8th

From 10 pm in the Comunidad 4 Caminos: Dance with music by Rico Son and Silvia Reyes

In the street: Dance with music by Grupo Libertad and Wamampy

 Sunday February 9th:

From 12:00 in the playground of Eusebio Muñoz school: Children’s activities and bouncy castles

In the classrooms of Eusebio Muñoz school: Exhibitión of Tejeda Municipality in Gran Canario de Tejeda and Photographic exhibition “History of almond trees in Puntagorda”

In the  Comunidad 4 Caminos: Dance with music by Dúo Palma and Rico Son

In the street: Dance with music by Salsaludando and Wamampy

In the sports centre at el Pinar: Folk music festival with performances by

the Poet Manuel Plata Bejeque

Agrupación “Amigos de Tejeda”

Agrupación de versadores Punto y Clave

Presentación del III Libro de Décimas de Adrián Candelario

Actuación de la Agrupación Camariño de Puntagorda

During the morning salted and almonds and local wine will be given out.


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