And yet more driving

Yesterday N went to see her car insurance firm. Yes, the policy includes a tow truck. Yay! But the truck would come from the other side of the island so she couldn’t travel with it. On the plus side, they should get to the car half an hour after she phoned.

So off we went back to Garafía, yet again. We phoned the insurance firm while we were stuck in roadworks. Shortly afterwards, the breakdown people phoned to ask where the car was, and then said they’d be just over an hour because they were coming from Santa Cruz! So she could have got a lift with them, and I could have stayed home.

Oh well, stuff happens. So we went to Franceses and had a cup of tea with Helen, and then back to the car in time to meet the breakdown lorry. We waited half an hour, and were just about to phone them when they arrived. So the car went off, and I took Norma back to Helen’s. The plan was for Helen and Theresa to go to Puntagorda this afternoon with Norma, so that she could finally look at the house she was headed for on Tuesday. Meanwhile I set off for San Andres to see the Corpus Christi celebrations. I got these nice photos of flowers on the verge as I left Franceses.

I just had time to pop into San Andres, but there was no sign of the flower arches that I’d been expecting. So I asked a local – it’s Sunday. So I’ll go back then. But it’s a lovely little village anyway, so it made a nice diversion.

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