Dratted tom cat.

A tom cat left his calling card at our front door. (This is a bit odd because both our queen cats have been speyed and shouldn’t have the pheremones to attract toms, but of course the smell the tom left is unmistakable.) I tried chucking a bucket of water at it, which reduced the smell but nowhere near enough. So just when I thought I was catching up after flu…

March 13, 2007

Some energy at last

March 11, 2007

One reason there haven’t been many blogs lately is that I’ve been exhausted. After the recurring flu came the recurring flat batteries. Today at last, I’ve got a touch of the fidgets. Insteaed of pushing myself to acheive a bit of carefully-selected-something, I actually want to tackle things. It probably won’t last long, but it’s awfully nice while it does. And my page of Carnival photos are finally up athttp://lapalma-island.com/fiestas/indianos.php…



Well, my friends have a house now, and I have a hangover. On Friday, my friend Norma came over to look after Julio, who had the tail end of the flu. (Thanks, Norma!) Then I set off to Los Llanos with my friends. Of course we had to park about half a mile away, which wouldn’t normally be a problem, but I’ve had the flu too, and I’ve got rather…

March 3, 2007

Proyecto Demo

Yay! My friend Norma’s a semi-finalist again in the radio competition, Proyecto Demo. You can read about Norma in Spanish and listen to her music at this page. Fingers crossed for her!

February 23, 2007

Los Indianos

February 22, 2007

I haven’t blogged for ages. It’s great having my friends here, and since the housework is being split three ways I do a lot less of it – except when they both got the nasty flu that’s going around the island. In fact I call Helen the ironing fairy.The trouble is that they keep dragging me out to have fun, because they don’t have a car. Plus it’s Carnival. Monday…


The Kings

January 6, 2007

Father Christmas has been visiting Spain for a few years now, but Spanish children still get the bulk of their presents on January 6th, when the three kings visit baby Jesus. They also come through most Spanish towns the evening before, and we went to see them in Santa Cruz de la Palma. Well, we saw the begining of it. The whole procession takes hours. They start at the post…