Bajada Program for the Weekend


At 5:30 pm on Saturday the procession leaves Las Nieves to bring the statue of the virgen down to the chapel of The Incarnation (Encarnación) just above town, arriving at about 8:30 pm. This is a much more solemn religious affair than the Bajada del trono. People living along the route will throw petals as she passes.

On Sunday morning the virgen enters Santa Cruz – eventually. The idea is that the ship (the concrete replica of the Santa Maria at the end of the Plaza Alemeda) wants the virgen to come down but hte castle onthe hill wants to keep her – so they fire blanks at each other (about 9:30am). Finally the virgen comes down to general rejoycing, and there’s a special concert called the Loa to greet her at 11:15.

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