Bus stops

Bus stop in Breña Baja with a mural of a man shucking corn.
Bus stop in Breña Baja

Yes bus stops.

Here in the municipality of Breña Baja, we have the nicest bus stops on the island. The council built them, and the local painters’ association turned them into works of art. Puntagorda also has artistic bus stops, but I prefer ours.

My husband and I watched this one being painted and said, “Gosh that’s really nice. I wonder how long it’ll be before it gets covered in graffiti?”

That was fourteen years ago. Since then a few of the bus stops have acquired graffiti but it’s never on the art. Clearly we have a better class of juvenile delinquent here. This is another thing I like about the place. It’s not that the island is graffiti-free, but there isn’t much, and it’s usually on blank walls.

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  1. Oh, I like that and I was thinking, before I scrolled down and read your description that this might deter the grafiti (that our local stops are getting covered in lately.)

  2. Stayed in the Breña Baja area for my birthday last November, generally found that it was much cleaner & more friendly than most places. I intend going back, would love to live there.

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