Busy busy.

I’ve had a productive day.

As soon as I dropped my son off at his school, I went to the one where I used to work as an English Classroom Assistant until June last year. Everyone was delighted to see me, wihch was very touching. I stayed for the first class, which was the five-year-olds. I’d forgotten how many calories you burn teaching infants. It’s not a major workout, but you spend the whole time moving.

I had planned to go shopping, but i’d left my purse at home, so instead I popped in at the gestoría – the paperwork specialists – who are importing my friends’ car. It turns out that things have been moving, and my friends need to come and pay a bunch of taxes and then puyt the car through its technical inspection. The only problem being that the only place ont he island that does the inspections is on strkie. Oh well, that gives them a cast-iron excuse if they’re stopped by the police.

I got home about 11, to find my husband back from the dentist feeling a bit worse for wear. There was only just time to download AVG (an anti-virus-and-spyware program) before I took my son to the doctors. While he was in there, I got to the post office, and I found a magazine that publishes a reader’s photo every week, and the prize is a compact digital camera. I have to try this!

We got back home just before my friend Norma arrived for lunch. Fortunately for once in my life I had things organised, and the food was on the table in ten minutes. She had to leave to teach almost as soon as we’d finished.

Once Julio had done his homework, I took him round to his friend’s house inthe next village, and went to see my friend Farida. She wasn’t well, and I wound up leaving her to sleep while I ran errands. By the time I got back she was feeling better, so we went into town. She bought clothes for her daughter while I bought socks.

It doesn’t sound like anything to get excited about, but socks are a problem in our family. Julio’s ten, and likes socks with Spideman or Taz. He also has very big feet for his age, which makes it hard to find the socks he likes. But I got some yesterday. They also had “genius socks” with a picture of Einstein on the packet, which I knew would make my husband laugh after his bad morning at the dentist’s. I even got some socks for me.

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