Cold Turkey

I’ve been very busy with translating the book. So busy that I only intermittently surface and decide that I ought to do something about something, like sending out Christmas cards.

This morning I realised that Christmas Day is coming up like the ground at the end of a parachute jump. I’ve invited the friends-with-a-tiny-oven to come and eat turkey on Christmas day,  so it seemed like a good idea to make sure that we had a turkey.

I had the vague feeling that I’d left it rather late, right up until I went to the village butchers who told me that the deadline for orders was 2 weeks ago, and most f the turkeys had been delivered.  Very sorry and all that, but they couldn’t help.


Three supermarkets later, I’m happy to report that we now have a frozen turkey on the freezer.

Next up, sprouts.

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