Corpus Christi 2018: San Jose

The carpet by the residents association of La Polvacera

San Jose also has decorative carpets for Corpus Christi, put they’re not created until Saturday night, ready for the Sunday procession. Like Mazo, different groups each do their own carpet. Unlike Mazo, most of the carpets are made with coloured salts. The result looks very different.

Salt carpet for Corpyus Christ in San Jose, Brena Baja, La Palma island.
Carpet from the Josana residents association.

Like a lot of the local fiestas, it’s all much more atmospheric at night. This year they had live music to entertain the workers.

The carpet from El Soccoro a night
A portrait of the Virgen Mary made from coloured salt.
Close up of the carpet by the residents of El Soccoro

As usual, I found the children’s carpet charming.

You can see pictures of last year’s carpets here which show more of the technique used.

A picture of Noah's ark done in coloured salt, San Jose, Brena Baja, LaPalma island
Children’s salt carpet

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