Dratted tom cat.

A tom cat left his calling card at our front door. (This is a bit odd because both our queen cats have been speyed and shouldn’t have the pheremones to attract toms, but of course the smell the tom left is unmistakable.) I tried chucking a bucket of water at it, which reduced the smell but nowhere near enough. So just when I thought I was catching up after flu and visitors, I’m having to spring clean the entrance hall. It wouldn’t be so bad in a normal house, but in our clutter-ridden house, it one of the many places where the males just dump things. Like most cleaning jobs, it took a lot longer to clear the floor than to mop it.

Oh well, hopfully I’ve fixed it now. And it was high time the doormat had a wash anyway.

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  1. Ha ha, well the tom cat was just following suit (another male dumping things there). Try spraying the area with vinegar. Cat’s hate it and it generally deters them.

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