Fiesta de la Cruz (again)

Bride, groom, and bridesmaid

I was a little slow getting out to see the crosses this year, but I was glad I made the effort. The traditional crosses were much the same as last year (see ). But one street in Santa Cruz absolutely delighted me.

Wedding breakfast

For the last few years, it’s been fairly common to have a few mayos or machangos beside the cross. These are giant rag dolls, something like scarecrows or the guys I used to make for bonfire night.

More wedding guests

Well this street in Santa Cruz was full of them. The display just went on and on. I tried to count them, but I got lost somewhere after 200.

More wedding guests

At the bottom end they, had a 1960s wedding, with bride, groom, and lots of guests.

The bride’s mother perhaps?

More wedding guests

Further on, they had people picnicking at the Las Nieves Fiesta.

The picnic

I think he’s hungry, don’t you?

Including one man who had clearly overdone it.

And he was thirsty earlier on

Higher up there was a protest march.

The protest march.

With people watching it.

Watching the march, with the nibbles to hand

Higher up still, I found people fishing in the street.

Hope they got a good catch.

And at the very top, they had an entire Easter parade. (see Holy Week Processions)

Holy Week

No wonder they won first prize!

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