Filming, part 1: Los Tilos

Me and Helen

On Tuesday I met Helen and the TV crew at Los Tilos. I’d planned to get there good and early, but by the time I’d found my makeup and put it on (I don’t usually bother) and got dressed right it was all a bit last minute. So instead of getting there early, I arrived one minute late.

Laura, the director

Helen was already talking to the director, Laura, who’d I’d talked to by phone, and we had coffee while she told me what she wanted to do, and I showed her the magazines and anthologies with my stories that she’d asked me to bring. She rather liked, “The Appliance of Science”, which is a bunch of sentient domestic appliances acting daft during Carnival.

She wanted to start the programme segment with me at the Roque, which wasn’t going to get filmed until the next day. And please would I wear the same clothes for all the filming, today and tomorrow.

Next thing I knew, I was miked up and walking along the same bit of path about five times, talking to the camera like Shirley Valentine. “And now we’re down at sea-level, at Los Tilos, and it’s much warmer here…”

Eventually I got it right, and then I had to walk along the same bit of path a couple more times, while I was filmed from the back.

And then they filmed me at a table at the bar, supposedly writing fiction. And then they got me to talk about my stories for a bit – so I really hope at least some of it stays in.

After that, Helen, who had been watching the whole thing, “arrived”. I introduced her to the camera, and we discussed the layout for the e-book. (I really, really hope that bit stays in!)

And then we went for a walk in the woods, going up and down the same bit of path multiple times, talking about how my Dad loved Los Tilos.

And suddenly it was 1:30, and I had to dash home.

Rather an interestng morning, really.
Me with Javier, the cameraman

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