Flowers and hospitals

This morning Lou had a hospital appointment at 8:30 pm. Great timing! This is just when both our sons are supposed to start school. Fortunately little Sam was well enough to go for a while, so I left home with my own son early, then we picked up Lou and Sam, dropped Sam off at nursery, dropped Julio off at school, and got tot he hospital only a couple of minutes late.

Now the hospitals here have this wonderful system of giving twenty-something people an appointment to see the same doctor at the same time. So I was mentally prepared for a very long wait. Actually it wasn’t too long – we were out of there for 9:30, which gave us time for a sandwich in a bar. The really bad news is that poor Lou is going to be stuck in plaster for at least another three weeks.

The spring flowers here are lovely. I took this photo on some waste ground near the bar.

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