Happy New 2016

New Year Fireworks in Santa Cruz de la Palma
New Year Fireworks in Santa Cruz de la Palma

I hope you enjoyed new year’s eve, I hope 2016 brings you whatever you most want. I “split the year” (as they say in Spanish) with my family.

New year is a big thing in Spain. Many people dress up – I mean really glam up, as though they were going to the opera at Glynbourne or an American prom. Traditionally, lots of people eat out. At midnight, people traditionally eat one grape for each “boing” of the clock. If you manage all twelve on schedule, it’s supposed to bring good luck, or prosperity, or something. (It usually gives me indigestion, so I didn’t bother this year.) People drink champagne, and every town hall on the island lets off fireworks.

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