Lockdown Day 6

Everything is still weirdly quiet. There are now 11 cases on La Palma, one of whom is in intensive care, one in an isolation ward, and the rest isolated at home.

The police are getting stricter, handing out big fines to people caught going out for no good reason. And people are talking about this going on for months rather than weeks.

I keep hearing from people who think it’s a load of fuss about nothing, and can’t seem to get it into their heads that they might be infectious without knowing it, and therefore dangerous to the eldery or anyone with a pre-existing condition. And then I meet people who think the world is ending. This is serious, but even the worst predictions say it’s only half as bad as the 1918 pandemic, and civilization didn’t collapse then.

Just stay home a lot and wash your hands a lot. Please.

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