Los Cancajos Carnival Parade

Three astronauts and their rocket
Three astronauts and their rocket

Los Cancajos carnival parade got postponed by the bad weather, but they held it yesterday. I missed the beginning because I was at yoga, but I got there for the end of the parade and the start of the stage show.

The theme seems to have been “Space”. I saw astronauts, kids in planet costumes, a brilliant alien, and lots of stars. Unfortunately the light was going by the time I got there, and I struggled a bit.
A baby in a star costume, drinking juice
A thirsty star

And then the stage show started. First there were the infants. Notice the cruise ship, the Aida Blu, sailing in the background.

Infants' comparsa
Infants’ comparsa

And then there were the slightly older kids. I would have liked to stay longer, but I had other things to do.

Kids' comparsa
Kids’ comparsa

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