Los Llanos Day Carnival

Make up retouch
Makeup retouch

One of my favourite things about carnival is the costumes. It’s like street theatre – performance art by almost everybody for everybody. Some costumes are off the peg, with or without personal touches. Others are home made. Often a group of friends or family will be themed, like these pirates:


Some costumes are quite elaborate. Others are sheer creative genius, like the Canarian Unsynchronised Swimming Team, who brought along their own “pool”. Sorry it’s a bit shaky. I was laughing pretty hard.

There’s a longer (2 minute) version at https://youtu.be/stqFyVjCqhE but it’s shakier. I’m impressed that YouTube have technology to smooth out the shakes, but I don’t understand why it shortened the video.

As usual, click on the panorama for the full sized version. The people in white bathrobes are the swimming team again.

Day carnival in Los Llanos, just starting
Day carnival in Los Llanos, just starting

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