News on the fire: Saturday

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Last night wasn’t nearly as bad as the night before. The easterly winds mostly pushed the fire back onto the already burned ground, and the eastern front hasn’t advanced all that much, but it’s still 38 ªC and under 20% humidity. We now have 4,000 Hectares burned and 2,500 people evacuated.

I should probably add that the Princess Hotel is down at sea-level, well below the burning forest, and it’s surrounded by well-irrigated banana plantations. It’s in no danger.

People are scared and as usual, everyone’s an expert. The authorities should have more firefighting equipment in the Canaries, they’re putting the resources in the wrong place, they should have done more fire prevention etc. etc. All of it is true, but of course the money is always limited, and firefighting is less of a priority when we don’t have a fire. And in this case, clearing the road edges wouldn’t have stopped the fire because it was started by stupidity. Not to mention that those

One thing I haven’t heard anyone complain of is the skills of the pilots.

Firefighting plane FAR too close to the trees.
These pilots! (I would love to credit the photographer)

I think they’d criticise the ground workers less if they had a closer view.

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