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Los Indianos

I haven’t blogged for ages. It’s great having my friends here, and since the housework is being split three ways I do a lot less of it – except when they both got the nasty flu that’s going around the island. In fact I call Helen the ironing fairy.The trouble is that they keep dragging me out to have fun, because they don’t have a car. Plus it’s Carnival. Monday…


The Kings

Father Christmas has been visiting Spain for a few years now, but Spanish children still get the bulk of their presents on January 6th, when the three kings visit baby Jesus. They also come through most Spanish towns the evening before, and we went to see them in Santa Cruz de la Palma. Well, we saw the begining of it. The whole procession takes hours. They start at the post…


Happy New Year

We saw the new year in with the extended faimly. The photo is my son, going mad with what the Spanish call “mother-in-law killers”. They always have fireworks here at New Year. We weren’t very close to any displays, but the house is built on the side of a hill, and we could see lots of displays from a distance: La Polvacera, San António, Zumacal, Santa Cruz, Concepción, Palmasol, and…