Photos of the craft fair: 2016

Puntallana craft fair 2016
Puntallana craft fair

Well there was certainly loads of variety. Too much to get into details, but I recommend going next year if you can.

Obradoiro de Martina - embroidered dresses
Obradoiro de Martina

Obradoiro de Martina does dresses with touches of traditional Palmeran embroidery. They’re not cheap, but they are gorgeous. I bvelieve most sales are to order, and you can track the progress of your special dress. Her website is

Model planes made of beer cans
Model planes made of beer cans

I wish I’d got the contact details for these guys! They had some nice pens too.

And finally a very traditional craft – the Palmeran take on rag rugs. The warp is linen, and the weft is a strip about 1 cm wide of leftover cloth. Most weavers ask you to prepare your own weft and it takes a while – but hey, you can do it while you watch the telly.

Rag rug loom, Puntallana craft fair 2016
Rag rug loom

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