Photos of the Pirate Invasion

I wasn’t sure what to expect, but that was fun!

I hadn’t expected nearly so many actors in such good costumes, so very well rehearsed. I hadn’t expected so many spectators either. The crowds made for a great atmosphere, but they also made it hard to get good photos, and it didn’t help that I was using my new camera so I had to think about what I was doing.

The performance started at the naval museum, with the pirates singing. Then they marched out, argued with some monks and shot one dead!

Then we all went off to the Plaza San Francisco. The dead monk was brought in with much wailing, and the governor reassured everyone. “Don’t worry. Everything is under control.”
I have no idea whether they said that in 1553, but it sounds extremely plausible.

Then Baltasar Martin turned up and suggested that he and his mates could fix it, and the governor got very annoyed, repeating that constantly, “I’m in charge. I bear the authority of Charles I of Spain and V of Germany”.

We went off to the Placeta, where the pirates and Palmerans confronted each other. They were just about to fight when the pirates revealed that they had a hostage, and the governor folded and threatened Baltasar with prison if he attacked. (I suspect this isn’t historically acurate, but it was dramatic.)

Then we all moved off to the Plaza de España. While we were waiting for the performance to start again, I practiced portraits with my new camera.

Unfortunately I was in a really bad place and I couldn’t see much. I believe there was dancing, and then Le Clerc and Baltasar were shouting at each other again.

It was getting late and I had an early start next morning. I decided that sadly I’d have to miss the last bit, where the Garafians sorted out the pirates. Just as I was about to leave, one of the pirates walked along a tightrope over the square and threw chocolate money down to the kids. They loved it, of course.

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