Programme for the Almond Blossom Fiesta, Puntagorda

Almond blossom in Puntagorda La Palma

Friday 4th February
Starting at 10pm, a performance of Batuca (serious percussion) followed by a disco in the Comunidad Cuatro Caminos (The community centre at the crossroads)

Saturday 5th February
Starting at 10pm, public dance in the Comunidad Cuatro Caminos and in the street. (Salsa music).

Sunday 6th February
From 12 noon:

* At the school: bouncy castles
* At the Casa de la Cultura (Culture centre, upstairs):Exhibition of crafts from Puntallana
* At the Comunidad Cuatro Caminos: Dance with salsa music
* In the street: Dance with salsa music

At the sports centre: Concert by a group of seniors fromPuntallana the poet Manuel Plata, “Bejeque”, the poetss Joseíto and Yapsy with music by Pedro Pérez (guitar) and Chanito (lute), group “Los Viejos”, grupo de cuerda from Puntagorda.

And as usual there will be mobile bars selling drinks and food (try a fried pork sandwich!) and stalls selling things like costume jewelry and cheap toys. They will stay open until about 9pm.

The last bar open at Puntagorda's Almond blossom fiesta in 2010
The last bar open at Puntagorda

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