Roadworks and Road closures in La Palma

Some of the roadworks in Barlovento
Some of the roadworks in Barlovento

For a couple of years now, we’ve had major roadworks on the road from Los Sauces to Barlovento and beyond into Garafia. They’re straightening out as many of the bends as possible, which often means building a big wall and filling in behind it. It’s going to be great when they finish, but it does mean that in many places the traffic is one way, so that you have to stop at traffic lights. One friend counted 14 traffic lights between her home in Franceses and her job in Los Sauces, which add an average of about 15 minutes to the journey.

Worse, since June they close the road completely for several hours at a time.

From Monday to Friday, the road is closed from:
9:45 – 11:15
11:45 – 13:15
16:00 – 19:00

And on Saturdays from:
9:15 – 11:15
11:45 – 13:15

So Sunday is a really good day to see the north!

If you get stuck just south of the road closures, Los Tilos and San Andres are particularly nice. If you’re stuck north of them with a swimsuit, I recommend La Fajana swimming pools and the village of Barlovento.

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