Stormy waves at Los Cancajos

Los Cancajos beach, Bre;a Baja pon a windy day
Los Cancajos beach

Visits to the Roque were cancelled for the last two days due to high winds. It hasn’t been particularly windy at sea level, but looking at the weather stations at the Roque, the telescopes have had gale force winds. It was only gusty when I went for a walk along the cliff top in Los Cancajos, but the sea was wild, I think from winds further away. The red flag was flying and nobody was swimming, but it was impressive to look at. By the way, it wasn’t raining when I took the bottom photo. The rainbow appeared from the sea spray.

The old water pump for the salt works, Los Cancajos, Bre;a Baja, with a huge wave and a rainbow in the spray.
The old water pump for the salt works

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