Los Llanos’s Ethnographic museum(MAB) – permenent exhibition

The people who lived on La Palma before the Spanish arrived in 1493 called the island Benahoare, and themselves Benahorita, and they’re the subject of the permanent exhibition upstairs at the ethnographic museum in Los Llanos. The Benahorita lived in caves and wore animal skins, but they weren’t stupid. They farmed, and they had quite a bit of technology considering there’s no metal ores on the island. Their ceramics are…

January 24, 2017

Los Llanos’s Ethnographic Museum, MAB

This morning I finally got to see the ethnographic museum in Los Llanos. It’s been open for four years, so I wasn’t exactly jumping the gun. The building’s at the top end of Los Llanos, and the outside is an example of what you can do with concrete when you stop thinking about shoe boxes. I’m sure only smart-mouthed philistines find themselves thinking of gasometers. It’s just that I used…

January 14, 2011