Fiesta in Breña Baja

Rather confusingly, the main fiesta in San José (the capital of Breña Baja) isn’t St Joseph’s Day, it’s the feast of Santiago and Santana (St James and St Anne) on the 25th and 26th of July, respectively. Since we’ve just had the bajada, the fiesta is a much quieter affair than usual. They just did the religious part: a special mass, a procession, and a loa. So what’s a loa,…

July 27, 2010


Yes busstops. Here in the municipality of Breña Baja, we have the nicest bus stops on the island. The council built them, and the local painters’ association turned them into works of art. busstop34 Jigsaw Puzzle That was two years ago, and they still haven’t been vandalised, which is another thing I like about the place. It’s not that the whole island is grafitti-free, but there isn’t much, and it’s…

January 12, 2009