Peace Day

eace Day doves at an infant school, Breña Baja
January 28, 2016

Spain stayed out of both world wars, so they don’t celebrate Remembrance Day in November. They have Peace Day instead, which schools usually celebrate on January 30th. Of course this year they did it on Friday 28th. In Primary school they wear something white, or mostly white (if the children remembered to tell Mummy), and usually they go into the village centre and sing a song. At high school, the…


Blessing animals in Fuencaliente

January 16, 2016

Sunday 17th is the fiesta of San Antonio Abad (St. Anthony the Abbot) in Fuencaliente, and at midday the priest holds a special, traditional service to bless the animals in the church square. I went some years ago, out of curiosity. I didn’t know whether to expect pets or farm animals, but there was a charming selection of both. Most of the owners were children. At twelve promptly, the priest…


The Devil in Tijarafe

September 6, 2015

Monday night (or rather, early Tuesday morning) will be the fiesta del diabolo in Tijarafe. Every year, right in the middle of the annual village fiesta, the devil turns up at Tijarafe in the early hours of September 8th. It starts off like most fiestas. The village centre is off the main road, and on the way in, you pass the usual mobile bars, blasting out music at full volume….


Bajada Program for the Weekend

  At 5:30 pm on Saturday the procession leaves Las Nieves to bring the statue of the virgen down to the chapel of The Incarnation (Encarnación) just above town, arriving at about 8:30 pm. This is a much more solemn religious affair than the Bajada del trono. People living along the route will throw petals as she passes. On Sunday morning the virgen enters Santa Cruz – eventually. The idea…

July 10, 2015

The Dance of the Dwarves

The dancing dwarves, bajada de la virgen, Santa Cruz de La Palma
July 9, 2015

  The most famous part of the Bajada is when the dwarves dance a polka. In the last Bajada, in 2010, I got tickets for one of the paid performances in the port car park, and I was very disappointed. But this year the seating seems to be much more sensible, so the people who’ve paid should be able to see. There are six paid performances from 6:30 pm to…


Special buses for the Bajada

  There will be extra buses for the Dwarves dance (Danza de los enanos) and the Bajada itself, (the procession which brings the staue of the Virgen down to S/C) on Saturday 11th. There are also extra night buses until Friday night. More details at

July 8, 2015