Carnival on La Palma

Carnival is a big deal in La Palma. By now we’re all fed up with the (relatively) cold, wet weather and ready for some fun. Carnival is just what we need: an explosion of colour and music with a dash of lunacy before Lent. I always say people are making sure they have something really juicy to repent, but these days most people just regard it as a darn good…

March 4, 2011

Los Llanos’s Ethnographic Museum, MAB

This morning I finally got to see the ethnographic museum in Los Llanos. It’s been open for four years, so I wasn’t exactly jumping the gun. The building’s at the top end of Los Llanos, and the outside is an example of what you can do with concrete when you stop thinking about shoe boxes. I’m sure only smart-mouthed philistines find themselves thinking of gasometers. It’s just that I used…

January 14, 2011

Fire fiesta on La Palma

Thursday is the feast of St John the Baptist.  On La Palma, they have the very sensible custom of holding the party on the night before the public holiday, so that everyone can sleep late the morning after.  Since fiestas often go on until the early hours, sleeping in next morning is delicious. In Catholic countries, people celebrate the feast of St John with bonfires.  (Any similarity to pagan midsummer…

June 21, 2010