Salemera Beach, Mazo

La Palma has lots of little beaches tucked away here and there, like Salemera. You take the main road from the airport to Fuencaliente, and just south of Mazo, follow the marked turning off. After four twisty kilometres, you wind up at the little village. It’s easy to park. The beach itself is tiny, but very sheltered. You don’t have to worry that a big wave will come along and…

September 23, 2010

Fire fiesta on La Palma

Thursday is the feast of St John the Baptist.  On La Palma, they have the very sensible custom of holding the party on the night before the public holiday, so that everyone can sleep late the morning after.  Since fiestas often go on until the early hours, sleeping in next morning is delicious. In Catholic countries, people celebrate the feast of St John with bonfires.  (Any similarity to pagan midsummer…

June 21, 2010

Corpus Christi in Mazo

Mazo in La Palma is one of the best places to be at Corpus Christi. Of course, Catholics all over the world celebrate the fiesta, but in Mazo they make the most wonderful archways and carpets decorated with petals, leaves and seeds. Each village of the municipality makes an archway with a carpet and a little altar. During a normal Catholic mass, the host is put into a special vessel…

June 4, 2010

Mazo Farmer’s Market

Mazo has a farmer’s market. Most of the stalls sell fruit and veg, but there are a few selling things like organic bread, flowers, or hand-made biscuits. This week there’s a second-hand stall run by school kids, raising money for the end-of-school-year trip. My son’s favourite stall crushes sugar cane through a small mangle, and sells the juice. You can had a tumbler of cane juice, orange juice or mixed…

November 8, 2008