The 2015 Bajada is starting

The dancing dwarves, bajada de la virgen, Santa Cruz de La Palma
The dancing dwarves, bajada de la virgen, Santa Cruz de La Palma

The island of La Palma will soon go nuts for about five weeks as we celebrate the bajada.

Bajada means “coming down” and in this case, they bring the statue of the Virgin Mary down from the lovely church at Las Nieves down to Santa Cruz. They’ve been doing this every five years since 1676, when the statue was credited with ending a terrible drought. These days the bajada involves lots of religious processions and services, but also a smorgasbord of sporting events, exhibitions and concerts and general fun.

They’ve already started some of the minor sporting events (5-a-side football, table tennis, chess etc.) and concerts, but things really start to heat up on Sunday at 5pm with the Bajada del Trono. The program (in Spanish) is at with a description of what the events are at

I’m feeling tired, so I’ll probably miss it. I’d be very grateful for any photos I could use. Please send them to the email below.

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  1. Are there any days you don’t have some kind of festival or event? Weren’t they getting ready for something when we came over – sure I remember us having to jump crash barriers in the street.

  2. Yes, there are quite a lot of fiestas, but this is the big one. It lasts five weeks, and it’s impossible to go to everything, even if you don’t have to work.

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