The Cloud Waterfall

Because the island sits in the trade winds, damp air hits the northeast of the island and has to rise, where it turns into clouds. Because La Palma has a north-south spine called the Cumbre Nueva, the cloud quite often reaches up to the ridge and then tumbles over as the cloud waterfall. This is extremely pretty, and best viewed from around the western side of the tunnel. You can also look down on it from the Los Andennes mirador on the road to the observatory.

Sometimes, when the winds blow from the west, the waterfall tumbles down the eastern side of the ridge.

Occasionally, it keeps going after sunset, and you can see it lit by the full moon, which makes you wonder if you’ve slipped through to Narnia or Middle Earth.

And once, just once, the clouds were reflecting a spectacular sunset which turned them candyfloss-pink.

I didn’t have a camera.

I swore.

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  1. I always wondered why there was a church at Virgen del Pino, near El Paso, when i visited it for the first time i discovered why. The church is located at the base of the waterfall cloud, looking up and seeing masses of white cloud just above you is very intimidating and simply a wonder really. This phenomenon only occurs a few times a year, but i think this is the reason for the location, it is the site of this miracle cloud

  2. Actually the church is at El Pino because someone saw a vision of the Virgin Mary in the pine tree there. I might do a future post on that, but I feel I have rather too many posts about churches. There are so many beautiful churches here, and they’re still a big part of many people’s lives.

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