Tijarafe Museum

The devil's costume, Casa del Maestro, Tijarafe, La Palma
The devil's costume

La Casa Del Maestro means “The Teacher’s House” and that’s exactly what this museum is – it used to be the village teacher’s house, with the classroom just inside the front door: one end is now display cases with things like old school books, and the other displays the devil costume, used for the village’s main fiesta. The house is built around central courtyard, with a tank for storing rainwater, called an aljibe.

The courtyard, Casa del Maestro, Tijarafe, La Palma
The central courtyard

The kitchen is very old-fashioned. It even has an old handmill, presumably for grinding roasted grains into gofio for breakfast.

The handmill in the kitchen at the Casa del Maestro museum, Tijarafe
The hand-operated grinding wheel in the kitchen

The other rooms hold other displays. One is replicas of pre-Hispanic ceramics found on the island, made in the workshop in Mazo, and others are full of old photographs documents, bric-a-brac and craft work.

Old Spansih school books, from about 1950. Casa del Maestro, Tijarafe, La PalmaOld school books

Sadly the museum no longer has regular opening hours, due to the cutbacks, but if you go to the Town Hall and ask nicely, they’ll open it for you if someone’s available to go with you, and it’s free.

Old black and while photo of a toddler, Casa Del Maestro museum, Tijarafe, La Palma
I'd love to know who she was.

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  1. Dear Sheila,
    as I recommended this little museo to you some time ago, I was very pleased to see that you found your way there. Indeed it is sad that it is closed now by lack of personal (as mentioned on the door). For me it is incomprehensible that the municipality save on such small money and throw it otherwise by bulk in the barranco (figuratively). We are for 2,5 month now in Tijarafe (fleeding the dutch winter) and I visit the beautiful cemeterio just outside Tijarafe in the direction of Mirador del Time. I can (again) highly recommend it to you. It is a very splendid spot with a beautiful “vista”! I found the “children’s Corner” slightly bizar with the cradle-like graves. The way to the cemeterio it is rather steep (as it is to heaven). Enjoy a visit!

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