Alison Jones Exhibition

Alison Jones was born in Torquay and spent 5 years of her childhood in Nigeria. They left in a hurry as war refugees and went to Swansea. The original idea was to move to Syria after a year, but another war broke out, so they stayed in Wales. She studied ecology in Plymouth and some years later Art in the Landscape at Carmarthen in Wales. The final project on the…

May 22, 2014

The Canaries win Tournament: Earth 2014

This year’s winning photo in NASA’s Tournament: Earth is the Canary Islands again. This time all seven of them. This photo was taken by NASA’s Terra satellite on June 15, 2013. The prevailing wind and current here comes from the north east. Downwind and downstream from each island, you can see a few wisps of cloud, and long shiny areas of sea. “According to sailors’ guides to the area, winds…

April 8, 2014

Jorge Beda Exhibition

Jorge Beda lives on La Palma, but he will be having an exhibition of painting and sculpture on Tenerife, at the Casa de Cultura in Los Cristianos from January 27th – February 28th. The exhibition will be open from Monday to Friday, and entrance is free.

January 24, 2014

Three photography exhibitions

There are three good photography exhibitions in Santa Cruz de La Palma. The winning entries and runners up of the 5th International Astrophotography Competition are on display in the island’s museum until March 17th. They are jaw-droppingly good. The museum (and the exhibition) is open from 10 am – 8 pm Monday – Saturday, and 10 am – 2 pm on Sundays. From Monday Jan 20th to Feb 3rd, the…

January 18, 2014