No, La Palma is not shaking like a leaf in a hurricane!

According to the Express website, La Palma is being “smashed by hundreds of earthquakes from the deadly Cumbre Vieja.” We’ve been so thoroughly smashed that I haven’t felt a thing. Literally nothing. Not a sausage. The biggest we’ve had was a 3.5 magnitude earthquake and that doesn’t “rock” anything. Most people didn’t noticed it at all. The others were magnitude 1 or 2. I should mention that it’s a log…

October 28, 2017

Earthquake felt on La Palma

Did the earth move for you? We had an earthquake at 5:45 pm. The whole family felt it, which is unusual. (Normally I say, “What was that?” and the rest of the family reply, “What was what?” and nobody believes me until the evening news mentions it.) But this time was different. Most people on La Palma seem to have felt it, and my husband thinks it was bigger than…

December 27, 2013