Although our garden is tiny, our balconies are large, and this year I decided to see if I could grow a little bit of organic veg in containers. For one thing, there’d be no food miles involved. My friends from Franceses gave me three pea plants. When we went on holiday, they were about a foot high. When we came back they were about four feet high, and caterpillars had…

August 7, 2007

Franceses again

June 29, 2007

My friends in Franceses needed some help translating at the Town Hall, so today we went. On the way there we saw this practice rescue. At least I assume it was a practice because that’s the coastguard cutter. I left Julio with Helen while Theresa drove me to the Town Hall. There we established that a) the official permission for them to build steps to the house entrance isn’t ready…


An uninvited guest

June 24, 2007

Life’s getting a little less frantic. Julio’s school term has ended and Farida’s better, so yesterday I took my son to see the friends at Franceses for the first time for almost a month. They’ve got a lot of re-wiring done, and they’re busy hacking up the floor to put in a damp-proof layer. While they were doing that, the weeds underneath the vines shot up, so after a lovely…


el Socorro

June 22, 2007

I sneaked out time to take some photos of El Socorro church. It felt great, since I haven’t taken any photos for two weeks.


The Kings

January 6, 2007

Father Christmas has been visiting Spain for a few years now, but Spanish children still get the bulk of their presents on January 6th, when the three kings visit baby Jesus. They also come through most Spanish towns the evening before, and we went to see them in Santa Cruz de la Palma. Well, we saw the begining of it. The whole procession takes hours. They start at the post…