The Lover’s Leap

A long time ago, a young goatherd in Puntallana fell in love. Nothing unusual about that of course, especially since the girl was very beautiful. The trouble was that she didn’t feel the same way. He was tall, handsome and athletic, but she hoped to marry someone richer. After all, a goatherd’s wife worked fourteen hours a day and went hungry in the bad years. But he wouldn’t take “No,”…

June 23, 2008

Canary Style Green Beans

When I annouce that we’re having green beans for dinner, our 11-year-old usually says, “Thank you, Mummy!” I don’t think I’d get that reaction with plain boiled beans. Of course, it helps of the beans are really fresh. These came from Puntagorda farmers’ market. Serves four polite people or three hungry ones as a main course. Ingredients:About 700 g of green beans150g bacon (in narrow strips)2-3 cloves garlic1 red pepper1…

June 18, 2008