Big waves at Los Cancajos

November 9, 2017

This morning I went for a walk at Los Cancajos with a friend. You can swim at Los Cancajos most days of the year. As you can see, today wasn’t one of them. The sea was very rough so we took photos instead. I’m rather pleased about the first one, since I worked out that if I went and stood in a certain place, there might well be a rainbow…


Stormy waves at Los Cancajos

Los Cancajos beach, Bre;a Baja pon a windy day
July 14, 2016

Visits to the Roque were cancelled for the last two days due to high winds. It hasn’t been particularly windy at sea level, but looking at the weather stations at the Roque, the telescopes have had gale force winds. It was only gusty when I went for a walk along the cliff top in Los Cancajos, but the sea was wild, I think from winds further away. The red flag…


Things that go SKRAWK in the night

At this time of year in La Palma, you might hear rather unnerving Howie-howie-SKRAWK! noises in the night, something between a furious tom cat and a duck. You’re particularly likely to hear it near the sea. The first time I heard it, I wasn’t exactly scared, but I was rather glad that I was inside a solid house and the whatever-it-was clearly outside. I’m sure I’d have felt decidedly uncomfortable…

June 1, 2016

Vegan and Allergen-free Food in Los Cancajos

Vega Art health food shop in Los Cancajos, Brena Baja
March 20, 2016

  A new health food shop’s opened in Los Cancajos, selling vegan, gluten free, lactose free and egg free food, including home made wholemeal bread, muffins and biscuits. They have a few tables and serve drinks and snacks too.   Veg Art is on Los Cancajos main street, towards the south end, near Las Olas hotel.


The Pulpo bar/restaurant

The Pulpo bar and restaurant has been open for 40 years down on the beach at Los Cancajos. There were no charter flights to La Palma when the Pulpo opened in 1974, and it was a simple bar just for locals who fancied a beer after their swim. It’s grown over the years and for some time they’ve been serving food too. The menu isn’t that large, but it’s mostly…

August 3, 2014

Semilla Jazz Festival

La Palma’s first independant jazz festival starts tonight in the H10 Taburiente Playa Hotel in Los Cancajos. The festival will be officially opened on Thursday at 9 pm, followed by music from Manolo Brito Trío. On Friday 21st at 4pm El Jazz en Canarias will play, followed by Raúl Bermúdez and Carlos Martín at 7:30, and Bitter Biscuits with Kike Perdomo will play at 9pm. On Saturday 22nd at 6pm…

February 20, 2014