Late Sardines

Carnival traditionally ends with a funeral for a sardine. Lots of places hold sardine’s funerals and they’re all deliciously silly. Even better, many of them are held well after carnival, on a vatriety of dates, so you can go to several of them without collapsing from exhaustion. The most famous one on the island is at Los Sauces tonight, starting at 9pm. Tazacorte’s sardine is also tonight, starting at (I…

February 23, 2013

More sardine’s funerals

  Here’s a short video of Los Sauces Sardine’s funeral, 2012 It’s not a properly edited video, but if I wait until I’ve had chance to do that, I might be waiting forever. Enjoy! On Friday night, El Llanito in Breña Alta (between San Pedtro and Las Ledas) will be holding their sardine’s funeral at 9 pm. And on Saturday at 9:30 pm, Los Sauces will be holding their sardine’s funeral, with a…

March 8, 2012

Los Sauces Sardine

The sardine’s funeral in Los Sauces had a Roman theme this year. As always, the bier was carried by lots of humans (rather than a lorry) and they danced it through the streets and around the square. Los Sauces has the reputation of putting on a much better sardine’s funeral than Santa Cruz, and I think it’s true. Of course it’s self-perpetuating. People make more effort to get to the…

March 4, 2012

Carnival this weekend on La Palma

The poster for Los Sauces sardine's funeral
March 2, 2012

On Friday 2nd March, Los Cancajos will hold its carnival parade, with about 400 participantes (children in fancy dress, serious percussion and other carnival bands). The parade starts at about 5:30 at the south end of the village (near Las Olas hotel)and will go along the main street to the Centro Cancajos, where there will be a performance by clowns. On Saturday, Los Cancajos will hold their 1960s party,starting at…


Los Tilos: Ancient Forest

August 20, 2011

Laurel forest at Los Tilos One of my favourite bits of tourist feedback about La Palma island was the disgruntled Brit who described Los Tilos as: “Just a load of trees.” Well yes. And Beethoven’s Ninth is just a load of notes, and the Mona Lisa is just a load of paint. Los Tilos, in San Andres and Los Sauces, is home to one of the best surviving laurel forests…


Photos of the Sardine in Los Sauces

Here are some photos of the Sardine’s funeral at Los Sauces. We arrived too late for the batucada, but we were in time for the drag queens’ performance, which was a hoot. The crowd themselves provided pretty good entertainment, too. Not everyone was in fancy dress, but there were some great costumes there. After the drag queens, it was time for the funeral procession. Most places have the sardine on…

March 21, 2011