La Palma’s Embroidery Museum

November 17, 2016

The table cloth on the stairs La Palma has a long tradition of gorgeous embroidery. As I mentioned in my previous post, the embroidery museum is upstairs in the Red House, in Mazo. This gorgeous tablecloth in broderie anglaise is halfway up the stairs. Assisi embroidery, a form of cross stitch. About the only thing in the museum I could see myself making. Now I’m fairly good at cross stitch,…


The Red House in Mazo

November 14, 2016

The Red House, Mazo La Palma’s embroidery museum is upstairs in the Red House in Mazo.  Downstairs is a museum about the fiesta of Corpus Christi in Mazo. If you’re on La Palma for June 4th next year, for goodness’ sake go and see the archways. If not, I strongly recommend the museum. Some of the things used to make the Corpus Christi archways, and a block for chopping them…


Pre-hispanic Ceramics in Mazo

October 19, 2016

Inside the workshop at El Molino The Benahoaritas (or Auaritas or Awaras) were the people who lived on La Palma before the Spanish invasion. They lived in caves and wore animal skins, but they farmed, and they had ceramics. The older ceramics are simpler, and the newer ones usually more decorated. At El Molino, in Mazo, they make replicas of these ceramics. The business was started by Ramon and Vina,…


El Borrachito fiesta

Model of a man hosing out sparks El Borrachito fiesta, Mazo, La Palma
August 22, 2016

Last night was the “Borrachito” fiesta in Hoyo de Mazo. I’ve lived here for 25 years, and managed to miss this one every single year, even though I only live 15 minutes drive away. Last night I finally made it. It starts off like a normal fiesta. There’s a stage in the village square with a band playing salsa music while people dance, and the square is lined with mobile…


The fire’s controlled

Backlit helicopter with a bag of water. in Mazo. Photo: Saul Santos
August 8, 2016

Oh thank goodness! (or rather, thank firefighters!) #IFJedey El perímetro del incendio de La Palma se encuentra ya estabilizado en todos sus frentes … It burnt a total of 4,800 Hectares (11,861 acres/48 sq km) which is 6.8% of the island. OK, so that’s 93.2% unaffected, or at least not burnt. It’s still a great place for a holiday, although the network of hiing trails is closed due to…


Update on the fire

It’s bigger: Montes de Luna and the top end of Tigalate have been evacuated, but the firefighters are finally feeling hopeful. The temperatures have dropped (28 ºC is a big improvement on 35 ºC) the fire in Fuencaliente is controlled, and they’ve been hitting the front in Mazo with everything they’ve got. It’s not out, but it is sorta-kinda controlled. The trouble is that things tend to get worse at…

August 7, 2016