White sands beach, Salemera, Mazo

The not-vey-white sand at Salemera beach, Mazo, La Palma Island
September 9, 2015

La Palma has lots of little beaches tucked away here and there, like Salemera. You take the main road from the airport to Fuencaliente, and just south of Mazo, follow the marked turning off. After four twisty kilometres, you wind up at the little village. It’s easy to park. The beach itself is tiny, but very sheltered. You don’t have to worry that a big wave will come along and…


The Molino Museum

A collection of old weights As well as the workshop making replica ceramics, the windmill at Mazo houses a small museum. Entry is free, but there are a couple of places you can make a donation. Upstairs is mostly a collection of old tools: an old Singer sewing machine, combs for flax, knife grinders, braziers… Oil lamps … the millers glasses, shepherd’s poles, long handled pallets for putting bread in…

October 8, 2014

Corpus Christi 2014

Catholics all over the world celebrate Corpus Christi, but in Mazo each district of the municipality makes an wonderful archway with a carpet and a little altar decorated with petals, leaves and seeds. The archways go up overnight from Wednesday to Thursday, and stay up until Sunday. You can read more about this and see archways from previous years here.

June 19, 2014

Carnival programmes 2014

Santa Cruz de La Palma‘s programme is here. (The actual programme starts on page 7) Los Llanos‘s programme is here The programme for Los Sauces is here I’ve just found out that some places (El Paso, Garafía, Tijarafe, Fuencaliente and Puntallana) held their carnival early, presumably so as not to compete with the bigger places. Barlovento‘s is here. Breña Alta had their parade yesterday Breña Baja will have parrandas in…

February 28, 2014

A (mostly) Fish Restaurant – Casa Goyo

Casa Goyo mostly serves fish that was swimming around last night. The décor isn’t posh, although they’ve gone upmarket since I arrived on La Palma and swapped the earth floor for a concrete one. Most of the tables are in little concrete or wooden booths. The restaurant itself is at the end of the airport runway, which means that conversations have to stop when a plane comes into land. That…

August 2, 2013

Corpus Christi and Canary Day

Today is Canary Day, a local holiday in all the Canary Islands. Expect to see folk musicians and dancers, and lots of traditional foods on the menu. Most of the shops will be closed. This year, it’s also Corpus Christi. (The Corpus Christi fiesta is ten weeks after Maundy Thursday, so the date moves about to follow Easter.) If you’re on the island, I strongly recommend a visit to Mazo…

May 30, 2013