An astrophotography exhibition

Astrophotography prizes
January 18, 2014

  Every year La Palma holds an astrophotography contest, and the winning entries from the 2013 contest are now on display in the island’s museum. The inauguration was held on Friday night, and the winners received their prizes. It’s well worth a visit, because the photos are wonderful, and the rest of the museum is interesting too. The museum (and the exhibition) is open from 10 am – 8 pm…


Starry Skies over La Palma

The Roque at night by Manel Soria
April 19, 2012

Manel Soria, who gave a talk on night photography at FotoNature 2012 now has amazing photos of La Palma on his website at The photo above was taken in the observatory, looking north. From left to right you can see the empty dome of the Swedish 60 cm telescope, MAGIC II (on the horizon, some distance below), the Superwasp Follow-up Telescope (closer), the Liverpool telescope (peeking from behind the ridge),…


A busy day at the Roque

September 15, 2011

Putting the Galileo’s mirror onto the carrying case, which is on the lorry.  I didn’t have any guiding work yesterday, but I drove up the mountain anyway.  I wanted to get photos of people moving the main mirror from the Galileo to the Herschel telescope for realuminizing.  They only do this once every three years, so I was keen not to miss it.  That mirror weighs about 6 tonnes, and…


Photographing telescopes at sunset

September 3, 2011

Me and the Superwasp follow-up telescope. Last night I went up to the Roque to photograph telescopes at sunset. The time rather snuck up on me, so I left in a hurry and a bad mood, worried that I’d drive up (200 hairpin bends and about 75 minutes each way) and not get any photos after all. As it turned out, I got arrived with about five minutes to spare….


A Blood Red Moon

June 16, 2011

A Blood red eclipse of the moon from Llano de la Venta viewpoint La Palma has beautiful dark skies, so I was hoping for a really good view of last night’s lunar eclipse. But looking at the low cloud along the horizon, I decided to drive up to the star party at Llano de la Venta, one of La Palma’s astronomical viewpoints. In practice, an astronomical vciewpoint means parking space,…


Be Prepared!

May 14, 2009

Last night I went to La Punta in Tijarafe, to get some photos of the fiesta. It’s not a big fiesta but I’ve been going cross-eyed with the current translation, and I really, really needed a break in my routine. Besides, in 18 years of living on La Palma, I’d never been to La Punta. Since the procession was going to be quite late, I made sure I had the…