Great Photos, shame about the comments

I just discovered, which features memorable news photos. Some of them I remember seeing before. Some are very upsetting, but all are worth seeing. I hadn’t heard of Emmett Till before. As a 14-year-old he went from Chicago to visit relatives in Mississippi, and while he was there he whistled at a shop girl. He was black. She was white. This was 1955. Three days later, two men took…

April 14, 2009


Father Christmas was kind enough to bring me a new camera lens: slightly telephoto (just right for portraits), large maximum aperture (for shooting in low light, and for throwing the background out of focus), and macro capability (it’ll focus so close that I can fill the frame with a postage stamp). By my standards it was a lot of money, and I’ve been disappointed that I’ve had so little time…

January 26, 2009

Slightly mad

January 19, 2008

I remember in school we used to say that the first sign of madness was talking to yourself. The second sign of madness was having white hairs on the palms of your hands. And the third sign of madness was looking for white hairs on the palm of your hands. Well this morning I decided that the fourth sign was very probably taking art photos of cabagges. But I took…


Up in the clouds again

September 9, 2007

I thought the guiding work had dried up, but I was asked to show the Herschel to a group of German amateur astronomers on Saturday. To begin with, it was embarassing. They already had a guide with them who a) spoke German and b) had guided people around telescopes in Hawaii and Chile and c) had done a heck of a lot of homework on the Internet. So I welcomed…