The Famous Balconies

The famous sea-front balconies in Santa Cruz de la Palma
December 2, 2019

These are the famous sea-front balconies in Santa Cruz de la Palma. Actually these are the backs of the houses: the fronts look onto the Calle Real. When I first came to the island in 1990, the woodwork was all green and the plaster all white. For the town’s 500th anniversay, in 1993, the whole lot disappeared behind acres of black plastic sheeting for weeks while they were repainted in…


Santa Cruz town hall murals

Mural by Mariano de Cossio in Santa Cruz town hall, La Palma island
February 23, 2019

Santa Cruz town hall is open to the public, and the main staircase is well worth a look because of the mural showing the traditional labours of the island. It’s by Mariano de Cossio (1890-1960)


Photos of Fiesta de la Cruz

My favourite! Of course this is the international year of astronomy. The kids’ cross beside the one above. This is GranTeCan, the (Big Canarian Telescope) which will open this year. The Centro de Niña Jaubert (a home for mentally handicapped adults) produced this old fashioned cheese factory. And the cross the handicapped people did by themselves. The decoration is pasta, sprayed gold. Cruz de la Pasión. At fist I thought…

May 4, 2009

Fiesta de la Cruz Tonight

This is a local fiesta in Santa Cruz and the Breñas, in celebration of the Sacred Cross. As often happens, the main party is the night before the public holiday. The wayside crosses will be beautifully decorated. Since most crosses are hung with gold jewelry (among other things) people stay beside them in shifts all night, and all the next day. Most holidaymakers go and admire the crosses on the…

May 2, 2009

The Living Statues are Back

Every year Santa Cruz has a demonstration of living statues, and this year is the fourth. The statues are on the Calle Real today, Saturday and Sunday.Everybody calls the main street in Santa Cruz de la Palma, “the Calle Real”, but nowhere along it’s length is there a street sign with that name! I used to suspect that the whole thing was invented to confuse visitors, but now I know…

March 27, 2009

Fiesta de la Cruz (again)

Bride, groom, and bridesmaid I was a little slow getting out to see the crosses this year, but I was glad I made the effort. The traditional crosses were much the same as last year (see ). But one street in Santa Cruz absolutely delighted me. Wedding breakfast For the last few years, it’s been fairly common to have a few mayos or machangos beside the cross. These are…

May 4, 2008