Fiesta de la Cruz

Tomorrow is Fiesta de la Cruz — The Festival of the Cross. Like many Catholic places, La Palma has a great many roadside crosses. Tonight, practically all the ones in Santa Cruz, Breña Baja and Breña Alta will be decorated, most of them gorgeously. Since most of the crosses are hung with jewelry, the people who worked on them sit close all night, usually making a party of it ans…

May 2, 2008

More Living Statues

This is Aladin. to my amazement, he said he’d only been practising with the glass ball for about a year, although sometimes for hours at a time. He’s from Poland originally, but now he lives in Tenerife because he’s in love with the golden Fairy. There were a couple of other living statues that did a better job of staying immobile (in my opinion) but were less interesting when they…

March 29, 2008


I’ve had a frustrating couple of days. I got an email that Leeds university are seriously considering closing down their botanic gardens. Now this sounds dumb – I don’t see how you can teach botany without plants, but then it’s no dumber than trying to do astronomy without telescopes. That’s their business. What upsets me is that those gardens were a large percentage of my father’s life’s work. The person…

March 28, 2008

The flea market

Well I actually got off my hamster wheel for a bit today. I went to the S/C flea market this morning (see and I had a three hour siesta this afternoon. Guess what, I feel better.

March 2, 2008

Santa Cruz

January 22, 2008

Where does Father Christmas go for his holidays? To Santa Cruz. (You may groan.) Anyway, I went to Santa Cruz this morning to meet my friend Norma and drop shoes off for mending – yes we still have a shoe mender. And here’s a roofscape from beside the park.