A Memorial to the Tazacorte Martyrs

The Tazacote martytrs have an unusual memorial – 18m underwater at Malpique, the site where they drowned. There are 40 crosses, one for each of the victims. The memorial was created in 2000, and I’m told that it’s easy to visit even for novice divers. The photo was taken by Christian Carlos Tdo. Rguez who is a local diving instructor and ecologist. He has a blog in Spanish (with excellent photos)…

July 14, 2012

Dragging contests

A feature of many livestock fairs on La Palma is the dragging contest (Arrastre de ganado). Two cows or two bulls drag a weight around a course (usually 70 m), and the fastest team wins. The animals compete in various classes – heifers, bullocks, cows and bulls, dragging different weights. At San Isidro, the weights started at 400 kg, and went up to 800 kg, and the fastest team dashed…

May 23, 2012

Transvulcania 2012

On Saturday, crazy people will be running an ultramarathon around La Palma. It’s the famous Transvulcania. The main race starts at 6 am down at the lighthouse at the southern tip of the island. The runners will race up the central spine of the island to the picnic site at El Pilar, then Punta de Los Roques. The race continues anticlockwise around the Caldera rim, climbing up to the observatory…

May 11, 2012

Ultrabike 2012

On Saturday April 6th, La Palma will host an extreme bike race called Ultrabike. Actually, there are two races, a short one of 34 km and a long one of 110 km. Both routes go through gorgeous scenery in the south of the island, and both involve lots of climbing. For example, the high point of the long ride is 1,575 m above sea-level, but the total climbs add up…

March 29, 2012


A new adventure playground has opened quite close to the barbecue site at El Pilar in Breña Alta, up in the pine forest. It’s called ACROPARK, and they have three different circuits for different ages and daring, from the kids’ circuit with 13 activities, where you’re never more than a metre off the ground, to the senior one with 20 activities, where you get as much as 7 m up….

November 8, 2011