Transvulcania 2018

The poster for Transvulcania 2018
The poster or Transvulcania 2018

Today, Saturday 12th, Runners will race 74 km around La Palma. They start at Fuencaliente lighthouse at the southern tip of the island at 6am. They run up the central spine of the island to El Pilar (a mere 24 km) then around the rim of the Caldera. The course climbs a total of 4,415 m and As they pass the Roque de Los Muchachos at 2426 m / 7957 ft, there’s only 75% as much oxygen as at sea level.

In spite of all that, the winner will complete the course in around 7 hours.

The elevation profile for Transvulcania
The elevation profile for Transvulcania

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