I didn’t go to yoga last night or Monday because — how shall I put this — I had an upset stomach and I’d have had to hand round clothes pegs for everyone’s noses. But I felt well,and I fancied some exercise, so I went for a walk. I thought I could gas the bumblebees instead.

La Palma is a walker’s paradise. There’s a network of official hiking trails which are fairly clearly marked, and the GR130, which goes right around the island, passes near our house. So I had a nice little walk along that. Not the whole thing, of course, since the whole thing takes a week, even if you’re a lot fitter than I am. I just strolled along for an hour or so, taking the odd picture with the compact camera, and it was very nice too. For one thing, most of the wild flowers are in bloom. I think this is wild carrot, which grows all over Europe.

And now I’m seriously wondering whether I could walk the whole path — in easy stages of course. I’d need lifts, so I didn’t have to walk back to the car every time, and I’d need to be fitter before I tackled all the steep hills in the north of the island. But I have a sweet-natured husband, and there are buses, and by the time I’ve walked around the south, I’d be fitter.

I think I’ll do it.

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