White sands beach

Salemera beach, Mazo
Salemera, seen from the main road between Santa Cruz and Fuencaliente: the beach is in the inlet at the right

La Palma has lots of little beaches tucked away here and there, like Salemera. You take the main road from Santa Cruz or the airport to Fuencaliente, and just south of Mazo, follow the marked turning off. After four twisty kilometres, you wind up at the little village. It’s easy to park.

The beach itself is tiny, but very sheltered. You don’t have to worry that a big wave will come along and knock your toddlers off their feet. The lighthouse (built in 1992) is called “White sands lighthouse” (Faro de arenas blancas), but in this case, white is relative. To me, it looks like the same black, volcanic sand you get everywhere on the island, with perhaps 5% smashed shells.

The not-vey-white sand at Salemera beach, Mazo, La Palma Island
Salermera beach, Mazo

I don’t think many people live their permanently. Most of the houses look like beach huts, but there is a small café, with a kids’ slide, open from Wednesdays to Mondays, noon to half-past ten (ten on Sundays).

Salemera beach, Mazo, La Palma Island
Salemera beach

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